Mannequins are most commonly found in retail clothing store in order to display the clothes and attract customers. it is the best way to show the customers, what you are selling in your store and what type of people you target. Mannequins need a lot of investment if you are having a big store and proper maintenance will surely save your money. If you are new to the business and want to properly utilize the cost by maintaining the mannequins, you can go with the following tips.

The parts of the figurine should be properly assembled and handled with care. Before assembling or touching the mannequin, make sure that your hands are clean especially if they are oily. If they leave marks on it, it will be difficult for you to clean. Also make sure to remove the ornaments on your hand so that there are no scratches found.

If the clothes are not rightly fitting the figurines, you can use pins to hold them up againstmannequins. It is not good to stick them with scotch tape because it will make it sticky and will left with deposit. Make sure that the clothes are properly adjusted on the mannequinsso that they depict proper display.

Do not drop the mannequins as they can break up. Usually older models were made of tough material and were not fragile. But the newer models are made of fiber glass which may breakup if you don’t handle properly. If the mannequins are not to be used for longer time period you must cover them with plastic sheets or long cloth. 


Running a clothing retail store is not only about choosing the right decorations or providing the potential customers with the latest trends. There are number of details that may add to the success of your business as well. One item that store owners often overseen is the mannequin. It may seem unimportant but it really plays a main role in supporting your business. Mannequinsprovide the potential customers to know the clothes that you offer. Today, they are accessible in different styles and dimensions. Selecting mannequins that can symbolize your business to the potential customers is actually not a difficult thing to do. Here are some tips for choosing the right ones for your business:

Find your target market. Like if you are targeting African people, you may choose mannequins with darker color.It would help the potential customers to know what you are selling and for whom it will be suitable. Same goes for if your target market is women. They are designed according to their body features andit is better to choose the ones with the regular women's sizes.

If you are dealing in variety of clothes with different target market, it is better to choose different style for each. These days, store owners do not only show white mannequins but also display figurines with different styles and sizes.It will help you in portraying your business as a diverse one.

For those having child and baby clothes candisplay child-size mannequins that are available in various sizes, hair color and skin. This change is a great way to appeal more potential customers to come to your store and have good quality clothes.


Nowadays the proper display of the clothing store will result in increase in sales and displaying the clothes in better way is not possible without body mannequins.Even if you are selling some of the finest quality clothes it is not possible to attract customers without proper display.It is the time for you to properly display the clothes in order to bring new customers and increase the sale. In order to strike greater charm, choose the genuinefigurines for excellent display.

The real body mannequinssignify the body better than the standard mannequins. They come in severalpositions and postures. You can display the clothes on them by properly adjusting and positioning the figurines. As a result, you get anextraconvincing and overall perfect idea of how the design would suit on your body. Thus, the mannequins make a wellpresentation than their conventional regular counterparts.

They often come with makeup applied on the face. This is a fascinating feature as it benefits to focus the design of the clothing better. You must have observed that when you try the shirt on your body, you can easily find out what it will look like after applying makeup.

Make sure that you position the dummiesright with perfect illumination during your display. Light plays a very significant role in emphasizing a design. While poor light can ruin even one of the best designs.  So make sure to referexpert light planners having sufficientknowledge in handling such events to do the lighting of your show.



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